Hi all,

Firstly we wanted to thank you all for your ongoing support throughout The Porta Presso project.

We do understand that the project has taken a lot longer than both yourselves and we anticipated and we do apologise for this. However, that being said we do want to stress that we have been doing everything within our means to complete this project as soon as possible without jeopardizing the final result. This project has proven very challenging for our team of experienced engineers, developing new technology is always challenging and as we have learned it is very hard to foresee difficulties that may be faced along the way and anticipate the overall time frame.

In hindsight, we were optimistic with respect to our timeframes by presuming that everything would go according to plan and that we would have few setbacks. However, we would like to stress that all timeframes we have given have been a collective judgement and were what we thought to be realistic for us to achieve based on our knowledge at that stage of the project.

What developments have been done since our last update?

A number of both major and minor developments have been made since our last update. These include altering the material that several parts are manufactured out of. We found that the material we have been using for many parts simply could not withstand the pressure required to extract the coffee, and after producing multiple coffees these parts would begin to buckle under the pressure.   To ensure the longevity of The Porta Presso, although increasing the costs of production, we have opted to use more durable materials to ensure that they will be able to withstand the required pressure.

We have also opted to reduce the bean, milk and water container sizes down to one coffee per replenishment.  This has allowed us to significantly reduce the overall size of the unit, as well as speed up the overall time required to make a coffee, drastically improving the user experience.   We have narrowed the assortment of coffees that can be created down to the three most popular coffee types, a latte, a long black/Americano, and a short black/espresso shot.  We concluded that the differences some coffee types, i.e. a Latte, Cappucino and Flat White were so minuscule that it did not justify the increased requirements to include these.   We feel that the coffee types we have selected cover all of our bases.  

Another change we have made is the decision to separate the grinder from the main unit. We came to this decision as due to the size and shape of the product, the stability of the product was causing concerns during the grinding process.   The grinder, which is very heavy, was located on the top of the unit and was significantly impacting the stability of the unit.
Separating the grinder from the main body also reduces the size of the unit significantly, our prior decision to shift from our original design of a manual grinder to an automated grinder increased the overall grinder size. 

The new grinder will remain lightweight and portable and have the ability to function solely off the battery power, the principal difference being the fact that this is now optional.

We envision the consumers will be able to opt to keep their grinder plugged in at home and can simply grind their beans directly into the filter basket and then insert this into the main unit at the same time as filling up the milk and water compartments.  On the contrary, if you want to take your grinder with you this is also an option.

We want to reiterate that this trade-off was made after weeks of deliberation.  However, we concluded that the portability of the unit and speed of the brewing process was favoured over the grinding function especially due to the availability of pre-ground beans.

Where do we stand at this point in time?

Currently, we have a 3D printed version of what we hope will be the final prototype that we look to have manufactured in roughly 2-4 weeks time (end of June/beginning of July). From here begins the tooling phase, where each individual component is tooled and prepared to be manufactured. We expect this to take 1-2 months. After tooling is complete we will move into pilot production where a production run of 100 units will be produced, the purpose of this trial production is to test the production run and ensure that everything functions correctly and the final product is the best possible version. Extensive testing will then be carried out on these machines to ensure quality and durability. We expect this to take 2-3 months. If trial production is successful and we decide to continue to full production with no changes, then the units produced during this pilot production run will be shipped out to our backers chronologically.  Following trial production, we will commence mass production. We expect this to take 2-3 months.

We understand that this project is taking a lot longer than we all anticipated and we apologise for this. We want to place emphasis on the fact that we have done everything possible to get your Porta Presso to you as soon as possible and maintain the highest quality product.  We have a full team of experienced engineers and designers working full time on this project. We are completely aware and understanding of the fact that some of you may not be willing to wait any longer.

Unfortunately, Indiegogo does not allow backers to be refunded after the completion of the project due to the nature of crowdfunding campaigns being that a project is either completed and backers are shipped their reward or the project cannot be completed but all the funds raised have been spent trying to complete it. Although Indiegogo will not let us process refunds at this stage (we are working on an alternative solution for those who purchased through Indiegogo and wish to be refunded), we are able to process refunds for anyone who placed their order through our website directly.

We would like to offer this option to anyone who did so and does not wish to continue waiting until production. If you wish to be refunded for this, your order will be cancelled and you will not receive your Porta Presso upon the completion of the project.  But we thank you greatly for your support in getting us to this point.

To avoid disappointment, please do keep in mind that if you opt for a refund you will not be able to purchase The Porta Presso again at your discounted price.

We thank you all for your continued support throughout this journey and can not wait to show you all the final product.  This has been a big learning curve and has provided a great experience for our entire team and we can not wait to show you the final product.

Brianna Ellin