2019 Update

Hi all,

Happy new years!

In our last update we talked about how we have been redesigning The Porta Presso to be fully functional off battery power alone, without the need for the C02 canister that our original prototypes required. we are pleased to let you all know that we are currently assembling our first prototype with this new design. This will allow The Porta Presso to function from battery power alone so that it can be used to make a fresh coffee anywhere and anytime. We have also introduced a power socket to the design to allow users who do have access to power but may be out of battery to simply plug The Porta Presso into a wall socket or cigarette lighter. Images of how the power socket will look can be seen on the new renders at the end of this update.

We have a great team working round the clock to oversee production and are more excited than ever to deliver The Porta Presso to our amazing backers around the world.

We’ve made so much progress over the last couple of months. as you all know, High quality and effectiveness is of utmost importance to us, and we’ve been working diligently to ensure everything we’re doing will deliver the best experience.

We encountered an issue with the milk container and pipeline.  While the milk container is easily removable and dishwasher friendly, the pipeline and flow sensor can not be easily removed and as milk is easily metamorphic, even with cleaning cycles in play, this would make it incredibly difficult to pass the food grade certifications.  Thus, we have modified the design to make the cup a storage container for the milk and integrated a secondary storage container to allow the consumer to make two cups of coffee without the machine needing to transfer the milk from the milk container into the cup.

Since our last update, we have taken a lot of steps to get The Porta Presso closer to shipping.  We have finalised our new MD and ID design which is a major manufacturing milestone. Renders of the new design will be presented at the end of this update.

Having already manufactured prototypes with our old design we have gained some valuable information. At this point in time, we are currently assembling the first of our new line of prototypes. Going forward, our timeline has our second prototype with our new and improved designs scheduled for March, our third prototype scheduled for May and our trial production run to commence in June. This will be followed by our first production run as well as shipping in july..

Below are some pictures that will hopefully get you as excited for the release of The Porta Presso as we are.

Thanks again,

The Porta Presso Team

Brianna Ellin