Progress Report

Hi all,

over the last couple of months The large majority of the work that has been done has been on screen design work and electronics engineering.

On the design side of things, we have put in a lot of work into redesigning both the exterior and mechanical design of The Porta Presso. It was necessary that the exterior design was adjusted alongside the internal changes that we have made. The render below shows our current design that our most recent prototype has been made from.

A lot of time has been spent redesigning the internal structure of The Porta Presso to support a fully battery powered unit that does not require any gas as a source of energy. With a key focus for us being portability, The Porta Presso needs to be both lightweight and small in size. The removal of the original C02 canister system has meant an increase in battery size that has involved a lot of planning, design work as well as hands-on testing to ensure that the most appropriate battery is used, and a good balance is found between battery size and the unit housing size. Whilst it is important that the battery has enough power to produce the required cups of coffee, this cannot be in excess as this would be an unnecessary size increase. 

With portability being a top focus our new prototype has been designed to produce two cups of coffee. at a later stage we do look to conduct tests to potentially increase the amount of coffees per PREPARATION.


As always, thank you to everyone for your ongoing support.

Brianna Ellin