Indiegogo Success

Hi everyone,

With our Indiegogo campaign recently coming to an end we wanted to say thank you to each and every person who has backed The Porta Presso's campaign! We are pleased to say that we have raised over 100% of our set target! Everyone who backed our campaign on Indiegogo will be receiving their Porta Presso before anyone else. For those who missed out on our Indiegogo offer you can still pre order The Porta Presso here at a discounted pre order price!

We are now two months fully underway with Global Design & Production who are currently engineering the compressed air system to enable it to exert the optimal amount of pressure to froth the milk and pump the boiled water effectively around the device. Our previous R&D determined this to be the most technical aspect of the project, however, due to extensive research we have been able to navigate thus far without any difficulties.

Thanks again to everyone for the support, we are very excited for the upcoming months and hope you all are too. 

Brianna Ellin