our story

Founders of Porta Presso Brianna Ellin and Joshua Mittendorff, 18 and 20, from Auckland, New Zealand.  With backgrounds as baristas and a love for coffee, set out to create something that has never been done before.  A portable coffee machine that does the same job as your local barista..

Our passion for coffee lead us to searching the marketplace for an espresso coffee machine that could make a great tasting cofee and was entirely portable. After discovering that there was no existing product that could grind/compact beans, boil water and steam milk the idea for Porta Presso was born.

For the past year after teaming up with New Zealand product design and manufacting company GDP the Porta Presso has been put through an intense design and reserch phase. The Porta Presso is currently undergoing its testing phase to insure everything is at the high standards we pride ourselves on with the ultimate goal being the Porta Presso making a great tastig espresso coffee. By putting extra time and effort into the design phase we have been able to predict and already overcome many challenges that may arise in the testing and manufacturing phases.