behind the scenes

The PortaPresso has already undergone an intense design phase to get to the near perfect design that it is today. With its sleek form guided by its functional parts.  Carefully honed mechanisms combined with smart technologies in a coffee maker that is sleek, stylish and minimalistic.   Each and every aspect of the PortaPresso has been carefully designed to ensure that it is truly portable while maintaining a high quality of coffee.  The PortaPresso is lightweight, compact and a practical addition to any situation.  


Grinding and compacting

The grinding and compacting of the beans is a vital stage of the process to ensure you get a high quality barista tasting coffee. Why is that? If the beans are not ground enough or not compacted tight enough then when the boiled water goes through them to make the coffee shot the water will run through the coffee grind too fast resulting in a very weak watery tasting coffee. On the other hand, if the beans are ground too fine or compacted too tight then the water will be unable to pass through the grinds properly thus leaving you with a burnt ocffee.

That is why after extensive research and testing the PortaPresso comes pre-set on the optimal settings.  Alternatively, for you coffee experts out there, you can adjust the functions of the PortaPresso at your will.


How does the portapresso grind and compact

The PortaPresso has a built in plenetary geared grinder and compactor that is extremely efficient and very user friendly. The planetary grinding system holds up to 57g of coffee beans (3 coffees worth). The grinder effectively grinds at a 1:5 twist ratio meaning 3 twists of the grinder either way will leave you with the optimal amount of 19g of grinds. The compactor is integrated into the grinder and requires the user to simply twist the top 90º. 



All the parts that require cleaning have been designed in a way so that they are 100% removable and dishwasher safe.   

Coffee 3.179.jpg

Drinking cup

The PortaPresso Cup has been intuitively designed so that it is sleek and minimal, yet it fits into a standard cup holder.  The PortaPresso cups come in an assortment of colours so that you can get the cup that is right for you.  The cup is able to be seamlessly attached and detached from the PortaPresso machine, curating a whole new user experience.  


beans delivery

To make the Porta Presso even more CONVENIENT for coffee drinkers, You are able to conveniently order fresh beans directly from the PortaPresso website here and have them delivered to your door no matter where you are in the world. Choose from a one off delivery or a subscription.  Alternatively, use your own coffee beans.  



The Porta Presso can be charged with a standard micro USB charging cord. 

a wireless charging dock will become AVAILABLE to everyone who has pre ordered the porta presso giving users the option to simply drop their PortaPresso into it at the end of the day and pick it up again when you are ready.