Real Espresso Coffee

While you appreciate good coffee, you don’t have the resources to hand-craft the perfect espresso coffee anytime, anywhere.  So we created the PORTAPRESSO to give you a barista experience wherever you are.  

Traditionally it’s the job of a barista to accurately brew any given beans into that perfect cup of espresso coffee.  However, new state of the art innovative technology has allowed the PortaPresso to be designed and manufactured in such a way that it produces a real, great tasting coffee anywhere, anytime.

PortaPresso is the worlds first and only portable espresso machine that does everything you need for that perfect cup of coffee.


perfect brew, Quick & simple


The PortaPresso has been intuitively designed with attention to detail to ensure that every aspect functions to perfection.

1. Fill your PortaPresso with fresh beans, milk and tap water at the start of your day or trip into the appropriate clearly labeled slots. The PortaPresso holds enough milk, water and coffee beans to make up to three coffees every preparation. The milk and water level is physically visible.

2. When you are ready to brew, twist the planetary grinder 3 times anyway to grind the appropriate 19g of your fresh beans and twist the dial 90° to compact your grinds.

3. Turn the PortaPresso on, choose your type of coffee via the built in LCD screen on downloadable smart-device app and the PortaPresso will do the magic for you, boiling the water to the required extraction temperature of 98° and applying the optimal pressure of 17 bars. The total pour time is approximately 27 seconds before the milk that has been heated to 65° (unless customized by the user) is added and the appropriate amount of froth achieved.


anywhere, any place, anytime

The PortaPresso has been designed to be truly portable. With one preparation being able to make up to 3 coffees and not needing any external power supply to function, you can really take the PortaPresso anywhere.

Fresh Beans

Forget stale coffee grinds or the unauthentic taste of coffee capsules.

A coffee isn’t a coffee without the authentic taste of freshly ground beans.  We envisioned that the PortaPresso would create a coffee that is as authentic as the coffee you would get from your local barista.  Nobody likes the unauthentic taste of coffee capsules and pre-ground, dry beans. That is why the PortaPresso has the ability to grind and compact your favourite coffee beans giving you that real authentic coffee taste that truly makes a coffee a coffee. However, should you find yourself without any fresh beans, the PortaPresso will still allow you to use pre-ground beans.


aErated Milk

The PortaPresso has the ability to aerate the milk creating that smooth silky texture at the consumers desired temperature derived from the integrated C02 canister

Customise the amount of milk and degree of foam depending on what coffee you choose to make.