Does the Porta Presso come with a warranty?

The Porta Presso comes with a 1 year warranty.

Can I use any coffee beans with the Porta Presso?

Yes, the Porta Presso has been designed so that you can use any kind of beans you like!

Can the porta presso make my a black coffee (without milk)?

yes, the porta presso can make espresso coffees with or without milk depending on the users preference.

Is the milk container removable so that I can leave it in the fridge?

Yes, the milk container is completely detachable which allows you to remove the whole container and store it in the fridge so it is ready to go.  This also applies to the water container.  

How do I clean The Porta Presso?

Both the porta presso cup and the milk container are easily removable and dishwasher friendly.

for cleaning of the internal parts, The porta presso has a built in cleaning cycle that when selected will AUTOMATICALLY clean out the internal components.

Can you ship internationally?

We offer free international shipped excluding import taxes and duties.

What currency are you prices in and can i pay in my countrys currency?

All of our prices are displayed in USD. Although our checkout is also in usd, upon completing your purchase your bank will automatically convert this to your local currancy for you without you needing to do anything.

How many coffees does each preparation make?

Each preparation of coffee beans, milk and water will make 2 coffees. However is simple to prepare less if only one coffee is required.

Can I plug my porta presso into a wall socket instead of using battery power?

yes, you can plug the porta presso into a wall socket, car CIGARETTE LIGHTER or any EXTERNAL power supply to make coffees without RELYING on battery power.

How do I charge my Porta Presso?

The Porta Presso charges with a standard micro USB charging cord which is common among devices with the option to plug it into a wall socket, a car cigarette lighter or any other USB supported charging devices.

Can i take the porta presso on flights?

Yes, most major Arline's will allow you to take the porta presso on flights in your check in luggage. Some airlines will also allow you to carry these in your carry-on luggage.  

What are the specifications? 

Dimensions: Width 90mm x height: 320mm