LCD Screen

The PortaPresso features a 30x55mm built in LCD screen which serves an array of purposes. The LCD screen allows the user to refine their coffee to their liking, or just stick with the pre-set options.  Users have full control over the temperature, strength and amount of froth so that each person’s coffee can be personalised to their liking. The PortaPresso will even remember your favourites for next time.

The PortaPresso’s LCD screen is also used to show the time remaining on a brew once it has commenced so that you know when your coffee's ready. It will show battery life and remaining CO2, alerting you when it is running low.

portapresso app.jpg


At the simple tap of a button on your smartphone or smartwatch, the PortaPresso can prepare the perfect cup of coffee anytime, anywhere.

Schedule a brew for your personal drinking habits or sync a brew to your alarms so that your coffee is ready when you need it, whether that be your alarm that wakes you up in the morning so you can roll out of bed to a freshly made coffee or your lunchtime work break.

Fine tune your coffee with a simple swipe of your finger. Whether you want your coffee hotter, stronger, weaker. You can tweak at will.



When orders become available on Indiegogo you will be able to select from a range of Indiegogo exclusive rewards that include being able to design your own PortaPresso, choosing from a range of colors and designs or creating your own. With the option to have personalized cups. Great for family's sharing a PortaPresso or simply if you are just wanting to personalize your coffee cup.


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